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Minutes for Meeting


March 7, 2019 Thursday


For our March club meeting, we did not hold a regular meeting.  We had no motions to vote on nor did we

conduct any normal business.  This was because we had a representative from the National Weather Service in

Jackson, KY visit us and hold a Skywarn Spotter Training Class.  Jonathan Guseman was the gentleman from

the weather service. 


Jonathan presented a two hour training that covered a lot of ground.  He gave us a good history of the types of

severe weather eastern Kentucky has had, including the floods and tornadoes that we have experienced in our

area.  Then he told us exactly what the weather service was looking for in a spotter report.  He explained what

types of weather events were reportable and how to report them.  A typical report needs to include, who is

reporting, where you are reporting from, when the event took place, how long it lasted, damages (if any), and

injuries or fatalities (if any).  He also showed slides and video of things to watch out for, such as certain types

of clouds and winds.  Lastly, Jonathan covered the different ways to make a report, such as by telephone, an

app on your phone and a website.  It was a lot to remember, but he also gave us a website that would help us

learn more about different types of severe weather. 


The training was open to the public.  We had 26 attendees at this meeting, several who were not ham operators,

 but interested in taking the class.   We also had several that were former members of our club and some that

seemed interested in getting their ham licenses.  We certainly hope that it may have created some interest in

ham radio and maybe get a few new members in the process.


Our club certainly wants to thank the Jackson Weather Service and Jonathan Guseman, in particular for

providing us with this training and hope that we can be of service to them in the future.




Ron Grossl   N4RLG