Text Box: Ham of the Quarter Award


The recipient of our ‘Ham of the Quarter’ award  is Frank Wells, KY4FW.  Frank is a fairly new ham, but has come a long way in a short time.  He says that he has been interested in amateur radio since he was a teenager.  I have heard him mention that the morse code portion kept him out of it, then.  So, after a few years and a career or two, he heard that Bonnie Howell had organized a ham radio class at her church.  The class was sponsored by our club, KY4ARC, and was taught by Ken Robinson, Ross Leedy, Curt Meade and Fred Jones. Frank attended the classes and was able to pass both the Technician and General class exams in the fall of 2017.  His call sign was KN4HSL.  In January of 2018, Frank took the Extra Class exam and passed it.  He also got a vanity call of KY4FW.

Frank’s professional career was spent in Public Education.  He was a Chemistry and Physics teacher in high school.  I think we start seeing how he could absorb all the theory etc., to work through the license classes of ham radio, so quickly.  He then earned professional certifications in Educational Administration and served as a school principal and School District Technology Coordinator.  He took at position with the Kentucky Education Technology Sytem in the Kentucky Department of Education in November of 1998.  He stayed in that position until he retired in 2017.  His retirement has allowed him time to pursue that hobby of amateur radio.

Frank’s radio equipment include a Yaesu FT-991a, Yaesu FT-2980R, TYT MD-9600, Baofeng BF-F8HP and a MMDVM Jumbo Hotspot.  He enjoys talking on the phone portion of all bands.  The discussions and fellowship are his favorite part of the hobby, and it shows.  He is net control for the Two Meter Friendship net, which meets nightly at 10:00 PM on the East Kentucky linked repeater system.  Frank handles the net like a pro.  He and his wife, Janie, KY4JNE, like to attend hamfests, where they have met many hams from the tri-state area. 

Frank has come a long way in a short time as a ham operator.  He has done well in his passing of the tests, but also in how he operates and gives back to the hobby.  He is a welcome addtion to our club

Franks at his operating position.

Another shot of Frank’s station.  Looks like he might be running the

Friendship net.  I see the roll call on his computer.

Who can not like


a guy that lets his


dog sit with him


at his ham radio


station ?