Image #01
The ARCS's Banner

Image #02
Ross working on the 20 meter beam.

Image #03
Ross KJ4GRJ and Ken K4KBR - working together mounting the 20 m beam.

Image #04
Ken and Ross just about finished!

Image #05
Here is Jenny Leedly with _____.

Image #06

Image #07

Image #08
"Dang it! These phone calls are getting in the way of my fun!!"

Image #09
Ross, Ken and Jeff

Image #10
"Uh-Oh! Logging Program not working and it is about time to start.",
Says Ross Leedy - KJ4GRJ
"I won't it spoil my apatite!"

Image #11
"Let me see what's going on.", thinking Ken Robertson

Image #12
"HMmmm.... I think I see the issue!", Thinking Ken Robertson
"Yrp, HMmmm...", Thinking Ross Leedy

Image #13
After the logging program became operational and the clock struck 2PM,
Time to talk!

Image #14

While T. J. Hoover KV4AJ (Redshirt in the background) is looking on,
Ron N4RLG and Ken Robinson K4KBR are starting to get the contacts.

Image #15
They are hard at it!

Image #15
He's here! Mr. CW!!!
Fred Jones arrived, with CW Man Ron Grossl he did great job,
________________ on Fred's Right and

Lloyd Moore on Fred's Left!

Image #17
"I'll get your "Bug" ready, Fred", says  Ron Grossl.
As Jenny Leedy check things outl

Image #18
"Dog gone fine print!!", Grossl really the small wires
says to Fred

Image #19
Grossl thinking that Fred is fast! Wait till Fred warms up!

Image #20
The Early Crew!