After arriving late, after setting my go-box down as well my bags of stuff,
 I immediately started taking pictures.

The sun was already setting low and thew pavilion was well lighted!

These are those pictures below!

At the bottom of this list of images
there is a banner that when clicked will take you to my
scenic images of Paintsville Lake which
includs a long greenish sunset!
Image #01
As you can tell, FD OPS were underway.

Image #02
You can see the light of the setting sun shining on us!

Image #03

Image #04
Yep! Another!

Image #05
T. J. Hoover at the Microphone getting a contact!

Image #06
Hams and Guests!

Image #07
Hams and Guests!Again!
See how the setting sun lighting the shelter?

Image #08
The Pavilion #3 at the Paintsville Lake,
Johnson County, Near Paintsville, Kentucky!

Image #09
A Portable mast stands ready to be used.

Image #10
The above mast's base anchored to
Plywood with bolts and wing nuts.
This project is by John Hager - N4KJU.

Image #11
Two antennas.... More details later.

Image #12
... More Details later.

Image #13
Is that a "Fishtanna"?

Image #14
 (Who) ___.

Image #15
(Who) ___ and (Who) ___.

Image #16
(Who) ___ and (Who) ___.

Image #17
Fred - WA4SWF pounding away on CW!

Image #18
MAN! Look at Fred go!!!
He's Fast!!!

Image #19
Checking the log for Dups!

Image #20
...___________ and _____________.

Image #21
Here is ___ while T. J. is looking on.

As the Sun sets, FD becomes FN (Field Night!!!)

Another Sunset Picture!