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KY4ARC was formed in February 2006. Like most clubs it has seen its membership fluctuate over the years. When the hobby first went to the "no code tech" licensing system in the early ‘90's there was a drastic increase in the number of folks entering the hobby. For a while, the numbers have dwindled - we think in large part due to the widespread use of
cell phones and other communication devices. However, recently, we now see a renewed interest in the hobby with the move away from the Morse Code requirement.

IF you are interested in taking a test for amateur radio license, contact a member of our ARRL VE team to arrange for the test. We will schedule the test or you can come to any club meeting at 6:00 PM . Effective immediately you must have a frn (federal registration number)before the test can be given. Go to this site  The video is available at, https://www.fcc.gov/rofrn .



Larry Ross Leedy    606 483 1115

Kenneth Robinson  606 769 0265

T. J. Hoover           606  434 6270

John Hager            606  789 4109

Gary Mullins           606 265 3365

Ron Grossl              606 789 7767

Frank Wells                606-793-0707

Richard Salisbury      606-939-2178

Virgil Ferguson          606-624-6707

Nathan Lemaster     606-793-3038


Text Box: The club is holding classes for the General Class license.  It is designed for those who already hold a Technician Class.  It is open to all that are interested.  You do not have to be a club member.  The classes started o Thursday, January 19th, and are be held in the basement of the Mayo Methodist Church in Paintsville.  This is the same location we hold our monthly meetings and the address is 325 Third Street.  The class will meet every Thursday night at 7:00 pm and last for approximately 12 weeks, or until everyone is ready to take the exam. There is still time to get into the class, so anyone that is interested can still attend.
If you would like more information or to report that you would like to take the class, you can contact one of the following:

Richard Salisbury  	eyezguyrich@gmail.com      	606-939-2178
Ken Robinson	   	k4kbr@bigsandybb.com	606-769-0265
Frank Wells								606-793-0707
Paul Combs			ak4u1@yahoo.com		606-875-5381


KY4ARC meets monthly on the First Thursday of the month at the Mayo Methodist Church (325 Third Street), Paintsville, Kentucky at 7:00p.m. (1900hrs).  VE testing starts at 6:00pm (1800hrs) . Come early if want to fellowship with others. For those who use\ GPS, the co-ordinance is 37° 48' 58.61"N by 82° 48' 26.25"W.   



President            Richard Salisbury   KO4BVP   

Vice-President        Bill L.   Hamm       KN4EME

Secretary            Ron Grossl           NT4W

Treasurer            Austin Denyer      W4ALD


Club dues for 2023 are now due !

Only $10

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